Sunday, April 10, 2016

Letters- HP Headcanon #4

This is so cute! I'm not sure when the person who made this head canon thought Ron was writing these letters, but I can imagine him doing it in their later years at Hogwarts, as he realized he liked Hermione. And then him continuing it after they got together, without ever telling her. Then on their first wedding anniversary, giving her a letter. After that, it was a tradition.
The thing I love about head canons is that they can be interpreted in a different way by each person who reads it. That's how I imagine it happening, but everyone might see it in a different way. 
Also just a shoutout to the person who wrote this awesome comment:

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like the idea? Let me know in the comments!
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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Best Man- HP Headcanon #3

These 9 words have made so many people, myself included, burst into tears. I really can't handle reading anything about George after Fred's death. It just doesn't seem real to me.
I like to think that Fred's spirit was there, standing right next to George. I simply can't imagine anyone taking that place. I'm sure George couldn't either.
There was another head canon I saw:

I love that idea so much. So many people died before seeing their friends and family go through important life moments like getting married. I like to think that they were all there in a spiritual way, like Luna said. 
I hope that Fred was at George's wedding. I hope Lily, James, Remus and Sirius were at Harry's. I hope that Remus and Tonks were at Teddy's. I hope that everyone had their entire families, dead or alive, there to watch them at one of the best moments of their life.

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